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Welcome to Aroma!

Hotel Aroma founded in 1953, is as old or as young as Chandigarh, The City beautiful. Over the five decades, it has enjoyed the privilege of hosting personalities of the likes of former Prime Minister of India Late Sh. Jawahar Lal Nehru, Marshal Tito amongst many other national and international dignitaries. Acting as a Gateway to the city, Aroma has provided Chandigarh a number of “FIRSTS” : the first Airlines Office, the first taxi service, the first Courier Company, the first Florist to name a few. Today, Aroma is synonymous with innovative and caring hospitality, its hallmark being the family and corporate client segments.

Grapewine Bar

Grapewine At The Atrium is a Spanish styled sitout Dining & Drinking Facility. Of course, covered with an opaque ceiling the underneath of which supports a great Panorama of International Flags depicting the multi service culture of AROMA.  The Atrium can boost of the finest lunch and Dinner Buffet. The Atrium also provides a great opportunity to room guests to have a glimpse of the l…

Exhibition Halls

Some of the finest exhibitions are held at Aroma. From handicrafts to furniture to sportswear and footwear-get all that you want to! Brands like Nike, ColorPlus and more each year put their best wear forward at Aroma and very uniquely Aroma provides the best space in the town for ladies boutique products. One would always find a great buzz in these exhibitions. There are several options; some …


Chandigarh, since its inception is a leisurely place. The openness in the city gives you an unhurried pace. One would not enjoy time anywhere else as one would in Chandigarh. It is a relaxed place by nature and has a soothing flora and fauna. But the leisure too has to have different activities. The city has abundant to offer in the name of leisure- some of them being outdoor and indoor facili…